Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we decide on curriculum/courses for my child?

At the beginning of the year, the DL teacher will meet with the parent and student to set up the program and talk about courses for the year.

2. Can we set up an individualized program?

Yes, there is room for some flexibility in how the Ministry of Education learning outcomes are achieved and the DL teacher will be happy to discuss options.

3. Can my child take part in some classes at school?

Yes, the DL teacher can make arrangements for a student to attend classes for up to two days per week at the Main Campus. Some conditions may apply.

4. Do DL students have to complete the daily assignments exactly on the day assigned?

Establishing a regular schooling routine is usually helpful for families, but that needs to be balanced with flexibility. Music lessons/recitals, sporting events, and even vacations are integral parts of many DL students’ lives and the advantage of studying at home is that schedules can be adjusted. DL students also have the benefit of being able to complete their assignments in the evenings or on the weekends.

5. What is the role of the teacher?

The teacher is responsible for setting up the Individualized Program for each student, providing texts and workbooks, administering and marking of assignments and tests, conferencing or communicating on a weekly basis with the DL families, and ensuring that the Ministry of Education projected learning outcomes are achieved.

6. What is the role of the parent?

The parent is responsible for ensuring that the student’s work is completed and handed in, administering the assignments at home, and being available for conferencing or communicating with the teacher on a weekly basis.

7. How much time does the teacher spend with a DL family?

The teacher is usually available by email, telephone, or face to face. If a student is having difficulty with an assignment, a phone call or email question to the teacher may be all that a student needs in order to proceed with the assignment.

8. Who does the marking of assignments and projects?

Some of the marking may be done by the parent and some by the teacher. This will depend on the assignment and the arrangements made with the teacher.

9. Does all work have to be handed in to the teacher or are only work samples required?

All work needs to be completed, but the teacher may only require work samples to be handed in. This will depend on the assignment and the arrangements made with the teacher.

10. Does everything have to be done with texts and workbooks?

No, some of our students creatively use photographs or videos and submit work on-line or in person. Some students receive credit for PE, Music, or leadership from sports activities, lessons, or organizations that they are involved in.